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  • Custom Connect’s service is so reliable and the latency so low, they quickly established themselves as our primary supplier.
    Dominic Docherty - Managing Director, BiosME
  • Our in-house support team saves you time and resources with proactive monitoring and guaranteed support within 15 minutes, 24×7.
    Anthony Kingsnorth - COO, Custom Connect
  • Custom Connect was built on the foundation of carrier neutrality so we could provide unbiased, and unparalleled solutions and support worldwide.
    Olav van Doorn - CEO, Custom Connect

Global hybrid connectivity

In a world where global business increasingly relies on connectivity, Custom Connect’s unique carrier neutral approach allows for seamless integration across public and private networks. Unbound to a specific network or product, we are able to create global, hybrid, bespoke solutions based solely on your requirements. Check out what kind of network we can design for your business.

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Low latency connectivity

The need for speed is more evident than ever in today’s market. Tier 1 financial institutes, private banks, hedge funds and algo traders are looking for the fastest exchange connectivity. Global enterprises are looking for quick and predictable performance for their interactive applications and business critical environments. Since 2009, Custom Connect has specialized in creating these bespoke, global, ultra-low latency solutions.

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> Financial exchange connectivity
> Global Enterprise Low Latency

Global professional services

Custom Connect offers in-house managed services that rise above industry standards to provide customers with the best connectivity and oversight of their network. These services can be integrated on top of existing network infrastructures or within an entirely new network designed by Custom Connect. Either way, each and every solution is proactively monitored by our connectivity experts. Learn more about our Global Professional Services.

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Our vision

We make connecting your global offices, branches data centers and warehouses easier and more efficient than ever. Learn about our carrier neutral approach to global connectivity in our short video. Learn more about: Custom Connect

Latest connectivity news

Interested in professional connectivity? Our specialists and managers share a lot of interesting articles about the latest developments and (technical) challenges. As a data communication specialist we find it important to keep you informed.